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Dead Cells

Wow the first thing that came to mind when starting this game.

Dead cells is a Pixel Side Scrolling Arcade Fighter Adventure Hack and Slash, my best comparison of Dead cells would be Shovel Knight mixed with Dead Souls.

The game is unforgiving and don’t be surprised if you die within your first 5 minutes of the game, The music graphics and mechanics are spot on.

I constantly found myself just listening to the music, The upgrade system is unique and gives a very progressive feel to the game. If you are going to be getting one game this month then get Dead Cells.





Absolutely awesome platformer/roguelike game! I’ve only played a few hours but it’s really a lot of fun. The enemies are challenging but not unfair, and you need to be careful even around the weaker mobs. They can easily gang up on you and overwhelm you. The game has a great loot and weapons system, as well as a nicely balanced gold system. Unlike some other games, having a huge amount of gold doesn’t necessarily mean faster progress in Dead Cells, I find this cool because it discourages “farming” and encourages exploration. The puzzles and secret areas are great too, and they do a great job of keeping things interesting. Also, there’s the timed doors that only open when you reach them fast enough, and they reward you with cool rare weapons or blueprints. Having to start over each time you die might seem difficult at first, but the perks you unlock make each start a little easier.


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